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We always appreciate hearing from our clients after a project, and we're pleased to share a few kind words..

Michele M., President & CEO, Consulting Firm

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Working with Your Site Sizzles was about as positive experience as I could have imagined.  Aliza Freedman handled everything from a new business name and logo to an in-depth services brochure, and a really polished, dynamic website. Everything she did was a very personal reflection of my tastes, my personality and my new brand.


 My clients are as impressed as I am—and my social media pages are already bringing me new clients.  I would highly recommend Your Site Sizzles for any business owner looking to up their game in a big way."

Joe D., Limousine Service Owner


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 "I hired Aliza Freedman and Your Site Sizzles to help me with marketing my architectural practice.  At our initial meeting she spent a great deal of time getting to know me and understand my business.  After a number of follow-up meetings and conversations, she produced an exceptional website as well as a brochure which clearly described my work with text and visuals. She followed that up with a 2nd  “sell sheet”, which highlighted another service I offer, also in a graphically pleasing way.


Aliza exceeded my expectations in her desire to learn about me and my area of specialization and then to translate that into  two excellent promotional pieces. I  highly recommend Your Site Sizzles."

John R., Owner, Architect

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What a pleasure it was to work with Aliza Freedman. While I knew the concepts I wished to market, I had no sense of how to do so, nor an understanding of the technology required. With her warmth, gentle humor and skill for putting one at ease, Aliza’s keen perception led her to cull the essence of I needed to share. Moreover, upon uncovering the salient details, Aliza translated my thoughts into succinct words and placed them on a beautifully crafted website. Indeed the site she created is both appealing to the eye and filled with the information she concisely and thoughtfully crafted and placed upon it. With her sensitive understanding that I lacked the necessary technical skills, Aliza took me by the hand, and walked me through each and every detail required to get the site up and running. Needless to say, I am most enthusiastic about the final product and of my work with Aliza. I recommend her most highly.

Rabbi Andrew Sklarz, MSW

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“To say that Your Site Sizzles/Aliza Freedman is a creative genius would be an understatement.  With not a whole lot of direction, more holes than a sinking ship, missing detail, and an aggressive deadline, Aliza excitedly and optimistically went to work.  The result, well….honestly, speaks for itself!  From a logo, to a website; a brand statement to a brochure;  rebranded social media to an electronic proposal;  even a networking badge and powerpoint template. Your Site Sizzles  set KRCrossing apart from the competition. From start to finish—she listened, she understood, she shaped, she fashioned .” 

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