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About Aliza Freedman

Founder, Chief Engineer

Aliza Freedman is a relationship-driven entrepreneur with a background in writing who's passionate about human connection and building community. She believes that business is all about relationships and that what matters most, both in business and in life, is the connections we make with others. Aliza combines her writing skills with her fascination for human behavior to help small businesses with their brand strategy, website design, and marketing coaching.

Through working with clients, Aliza noticed a significant gap in the marketing field where small businesses' needs were not being met. She found that many solopreneurs and small businesses were ignoring their marketing and branding, not because they didn't need it, but because they were afraid to reach out for support. These clients needed a clear path from where they were, and a continuous partner who would listen, reassure, and guide them.

To meet these needs, Aliza added marketing coaching to her business, Your Site Sizzles, a one-stop-shop for small businesses either just starting out or ready to grow. Her unique approach takes each client by the hand from brand strategy to website design and ultimately coaching them on how to best utilize the clarity and brand messaging they achieve. Seeing her clients' transformation from frustration, confusion, and time-wasting to clarity and a clear path forward is Aliza's greatest joy. Her mission is to craft connections and do #workthatmatters.

 Since 2008, Aliza has provided businesses and individuals with a wide range of services, actively listening to their needs and customizing her work to their unique circumstances.  


"Human connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared story."  
Jean Houston

Fierce Lion

"To me, a leader is someone who holds herself or himself accountable for finding potential for people and processes..."  

Brene Brown

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